Kihon Aikido combines the benefits of aerobic exercise and practical realistic self-defense, offering a positive challenge to every individual on both physical and psychological levels. Students learn to remain centered, relaxed, and able to avoid injury when attacked.

Rather than fight against an attacker, an Aikido practitioner instead changes the attack into harmless movement. This involves blending with your opponent's movement and then subduing your opponent(s) with proper timing, precise spacing, throws, pins and submissions techniques..

Kihon Aikido is offered thru association with the Indian Wells Valley Combat Club. IWV Combat Club offers a variety of Mixed Martial Arts instruction all from certified instructors.

Classes will be offered for both Men and Women. Children classes available for youth between the ages of 8-13. All classes will be held at the High Desert Dance Center, Ridgecrest Ca.


For more information on IWV Combat Club, Kihon Aikido class times and schedule please call 760-793-6970 or email us at




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